WEDNESDAY, October 19th, 2005
Nuclei of Telematic Sound + Cinematics & Fourthcity International present: 

--> Vancouver's 2nd LAPTOP BATTLE!!

(the following text courtesy Matt Jeanes who's organizing the Atlanta battle Oct 24th)

What is a Laptop Battle you ask?
It's simple. 16 musicians compete in a single elimination tournament to see who can rock a laptop the hardest. Contestants are paired up at random and entered into a bracket. Each battler has 3 minutes to show the crowd that he/she does not suck. The winner of each round continues on to the next round until a single champion is crowned for the night.

What can I use in the Battle?
Only a laptop and a mouse/pointing device. No midi controllers or other instruments or microphones are permitted. This is a contest to put pure composition, sound design, and performance to the test. Since everyone has different gear, it's not fair to let some people bring controllers and extraneous devices while others don't have that option, so the contest is limited to what you can do with your laptop and mouse.

How do you know who wins?
Crowd response and a panel of judges will determine the winner of each round. The more you can hype the crowd or wow them with your skills, the better chance you have of winning. If you look like you are reading MySQL code or updating your blog, you probably won't stand a chance. This competition is designed to showcase the performance aspect of playing music with a laptop.

What software can I use?
Anything you want. Really. You can code something yourself in C++ or use any application that you have available. Of course the software you use may determine how interesting or interactive your set can be, so just keep performance in mind. No one wants to watch you press play in WinAmp for 3 minutes.

What type of music do I have to make?
Anything goes. You want to spend your three minutes on harsh noise, go ahead. You want to break an amen apart for 3 minutes, be our guest. You've written software to convert the electrical impulses in your brain into sine waves--GREAT. Anything goes, from mashup to noise to jungle to hip hop to cut ups to something we haven't yet thought of.

What is the point?
It's fun, man. If you are one of these people who think that music can't be judged or that competition hurts the creative process... this isn't for you. The Laptop Battle is meant to be a fun, engaging way to show people what you can do. There's also a PRIZE for the winner.

I have heard of this before. Was this your idea?
No, this sort of thing happens in other places too. You can check out <> for more info on similar events in other parts of the country. In December we will take the best from Vancouver and square off against Laptop Battlers from other cities, but for now. Keep in mind,
Spark [n5md, NTSC] - from VAN - is the REIGNING NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION!!!!

How do I sign up?
Just email " <> ", and include your name and email address or some way to contact you. Everyone who signs up will get an email confirmation. Once you are confirmed, your name goes on the flyer and people start to wonder what you are going to do, so don't back out. Alternates may be used if you fail to show. All contestants should be at the venue 3 hours prior to the start of the battle. Of course you'll get all of those details once you sign up.

When is this happening?
The 2nd Vancity Laptop Battle will take place OCTOBER 19th at Sonar. as a part of the NTSC / Fourthcity Regionals. Be there!

** Mad respect to Broken Sleep for the battle in Vancouver last year.


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